Global Recruitment of UTHEVER™ NMN Experiencers

Start Date: March 15, 2020

Recruitment Number: Unlimited

Contact: uthever@effepharm.com

Organizer: Effepharm Ltd

Application:Send email to uthever@effepharm.com 

                     or complete the global recruitment questionnaire directly


The worldwide market for Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) is expected to grow at a high speed over the next several years. But lots of fake NMN material is undermining the trust of consumers in the market. Effepharm, as one of the world’s leading NMN ingredient manufacturers, focuses on R&D and innovation. As we all know, in the dietary supplement industry, ingredient innovation is the source of product innovation, and ingredient quality is the guarantee of the quality of finished products. Effepharm has the responsibility and obligation to supply the highest quality NMN ingredients for the world. To this end, we have registered an ingredient trademark for our NMN-UtheverTM. We also conduct a series of animal and clinical research on UtheverTM.

Our ingredients are only sold to brand operators through wholesale, which make many other groups unable to understand and get them. UtheverTM is the first and the only ingredient brand in the world for conducting clinical trials. Many consumers and researchers contact us through the government’s public clinical registration information, hoping to obtain our UtheverTM by participating in our clinical trials. However, due to the strict research conditions of clinical trials, only a small number of people can participate in our clinical trials.

To let more people know about NMN and UtheverTM, we took the opportunity of the clinical trial of UtheverTM to launch a new activity-UtheverTM experience activity, so that more people can obtain the knowledge of UtheverTM and UtheverTM can better serve human health.

Are you the person we are looking for?

  1. Consumers who have some knowledge of NMN and have taken NMN or similar products.
  • Get free UtheverTM samples
  • Obtain the latest scientific knowledge of NMN and UtheverTM
  • Get scientific advice on personal health for the first time
  • Visit Effepharm research center and communicate with UtheverTM R&D scientists
  • Be the exclusive experiencer of Effepharm and obtain the priority of healthy materials

2. Brand operators who have developed or plan to develop NMN products

  • Get free UtheverTM samples
  • Obtain authorization to use UtheverTM trademark and affiliated intellectual property
  • Long-term technical and publicity support

3. Researchers and scholars in the field of anti-aging

  • Get free UtheverTM samples for scientific research
  • Obtain more unpublished exclusive UtheverTM research materials
  • Participate in our scientific research and get financial and technical support